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Free lessons and video lectures for students,
working adults, and small business owners.

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About the Site
These course tutorials can help you succeed in
your introductory Accounting courses, and they can
help you learn the accounting you need to know on
the job or in your small business.

Click a link at the top of the page to open one of
the tutorial manuals. Each manual is composed
of several modules, and each module contains
written and video lessons.

Intro to Accounting presents the introductory
portion of the content that is typically found in a
first-semester Accounting course. The
tutorial concludes this content
Managerial Accounting is concerned
with the content of the typical second-semester
introductory accounting course.

This site is supported only by advertising. All the
materials here are free for your use in learning
Accounting, but you cannot copy, print, republish,
sell or use them in any other way..

Can You Help?
The feedback received from students through
many years of  use have made these lessons
what they are. If you would like to point out parts of
the manuals that are unclear and should be
rewritten or sections that need additional
examples, don't hesitate to send me your
suggestions. The manuals change and become
better almost every day - thanks to you. Don't be
afraid to write.  I'm always interested in hearing
from learners, even if you only want to say "hello."
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Who is AccoutingTutor?
That's me, "AccountingTutor," in
the picture. I am an experienced
college accounting instructor.

What is this site?
The site was set up for use with
my online Accounting courses.
I've done all the programming,
and I'm sure it shows - I'm not
an expert web designer. I do,
though, know how to teach
Accounting, and I know I can
help you master the subject.

Why "AccountingTutor?"
When I first set up this site I
needed to save bandwidth, so I
uploaded some of my video
lessons to YouTube. I chose the
and my students began to tease
me by using it  Also, to my
surprise, the YouTube videos
became quite popular and my
in-box began to fill up with
questions addressed to
AccountingTutor. So, thanks to
YouTube and my students, I
became "AccountingTutor." And
I doubled my online teaching
Craig has helped students launch
careers in accounting and finance
for nearly 30 years. In return, Craig
says, the students have helped him\
discover and develop effective
learning approaches that make
difficult accounting concepts
understandable. Craig is a Certifed
Master Online Teacher.