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Financial Accounting continues on from the Intro to Accounting
tutorial, and examines advanced accounting issues related to both
corporations and sole proprietorships.
Intro to Accounting
(Modules 1 through 6 ) presents the introductory portion of the
content that is typically found in a Financial Accounting, College
Accounting or Principles of Accounting course. This
tutorial concludes the content coverage in Modules 7
through 15 below.

Module 7 - Accounting for Cash

Module 8 - Accounting for Inventories

Module 9 - Accounting for Receivables

Module 10 - Plant Assets and Intangibles

Module 11 - Current Liabilities

Module 12 - Partnerships, LLC's and Corporations
  • Legal characteristics
  • Mutual Agency and Limited Liability
  • Division of Profits and Losses Between Partners
  • Admission and Departure Issues
  • Double-taxation of Corporations
  • Common Stock and Stockholders' Rights
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Module 13 - Corporation Entries and Statements

Module 14 - Accounting for Bonds and Mortgages

Module 15 - Investments
  • Short-term Investments in Debt and Equity
  • Held-to-Maturity Investments
  • Available-for-Sale versus Trading Investments
  • Long-term Investments and the Equity Method
  • Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Click here for the Adobe version of the module.