Why is Accounting so Difficult to Learn?

Because it is.


We should be thankful for that, though. Just think of all the job security and the high rates of pay we’ll have because it will be so hard to replace us! 

In all the years I have taught Accounting, I’ve seen many students fail, but I don’t think they failed because they were unable to learn the material. They simply hadn’t “learned how to learn” this kind of subject matter. They did not have much patience, and they quickly became frustrated and just gave up.

Accounting doesn't come easy to anyone. It is very "progressive," and each new subject builds on the one that went before. Patience is required. You cannot go on to a new step until you know that you have really mastered the current one.

Even though Accounting doesn’t require much math, learning it is kind of like learning math - you can't do algebra unless you first know how to add, subtract, multiply and divide, and you can’t do calculus unless you know algebra very well.

I think that the great majority of the student who failed my classes did so for this very reason. They did not build the foundation in Module 1 of my course that they needed in order to make sense of the material in module 2. By the time we got to modules 3 and 4, they were lost.

Be prepared, then, to apply yourself to the material as you study each module and chapter in your course. Don’t go to step 2 until you “know that you know” step 1 completely. Don’t be afraid to use the "re-wind" button with the video lectures, to re-read the written material, review the written examples, and re-work the homework problems in your school’s textbook if that’s what it takes to get there. And if it does, don’t think you’re alone. Everyone learns Accounting by doing a lot of Accounting, and by continuing to think about it and mull it over even after class and after the homework is finished.

No one understands it completely on the first read!

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